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What is RentWise? PDF Print E-mail

Nebraska RentWise is a tenant education program that helps people find and keep decent, safe, affordable rental housing that meets their needs.

Communication with Landlords and Neighbors
Participants are taught communication skills, so they can have positive relationships with landlords and neighbors.

Managing Your Money
A step-by-step process on how to manage and plan for housing costs.

Find a Place to Call Home
Prepare individuals to conduct successful searches for rental unit and build a positive rental history.

Getting Through the Rental Process
Explains the importance of reading and understanding a lease, and a person’s rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

Taking Care of Your Home
Encourages residents to take pride in their home and set a positive example by taking care of their
rental unit.

When You Move Out
Prepares participants for the time they may leave their current rental unit as they continue to move up!

Click Here for a list of Nebraska RentWise Coalition Members.